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Suspicious Of Distributions? We Can Help You Discover The Truth.

Has there been an extended delay for your share as a beneficiary of a trust or will?

Is your inheritance less than was promised?

Is a trust not paying the amount you would expect from the assets involved?

Is a trustee distributing assets in a way that you feel violates the conditions of the trust?

These are signs that a will or trust may not be being distributed or managed properly. Our attorneys are experienced lawyers who can help you understand what has happened with your money and your options to ensure proper distribution of your beneficial interest.

We Hold Trustees And Executors Accountable For Breach Of Fiduciary Duty

Executors and trustees have a fiduciary duty to manage and distribute assets pursuant to the terms of the trust or will, and in the best interests of beneficiaries. A Trustee and Executor, as fiduciary, must act in the best interests of beneficiaries at all times. Unfortunately, situations arise where a trustee or executor mishandles, misappropriates or fails to properly distribute funds, whether because of incompetence, bad intentions or poor legal advice.

Executors and administrators are required to keep accurate accounts of all of the assets, income and distributions associated with the estate or trust. If you think the Executor or Trustee has acted improperly, you may wish to pursue a legal remedy.

The Knowledge And Guidance You Need To Protect Your Financial Interests

At Salem Shor & Saperstein, LLP, we have experience in all aspects of estate planning, probate and estate administration matters. We are always ready to promote and fight for the interests of our clients in the Surrogate’s Court.

If you believe a trustee or executor may be mismanaging assets, we can help you investigate by requiring documentation, contesting distributions and otherwise protecting your legal and financial interests in and out of court.

We Provide Needed Information

The lack of information can be harmful in cases involving mismanagement. Our contested accounting attorneys know how to obtain the information you need to determine if an estate or trust is being mismanaged.

You can reach us by calling 866-308-2816 or through email. Ask to speak with Mr. Shor or Mr. Saperstein to discuss whether you may want to pursue legal action regarding a contested accounting.

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