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Will And Trust Drafting Tailored To Your Unique Circumstances

Almost all people agree that creating a will, trust and other estate planning documents is a good idea. Yet every year, people die intestate or with an incomplete estate plan.

The reasons are numerous. Concerns about cost, time and effort involved can make people hesitate to contact an attorney. And it is disconcerting to think about the issues involved in estate planning, not least of which is the idea of what will happen to us when we’re gone.

We Simplify Will And Trust Creation

We understand your concerns. At Salem Shor & Saperstein, LLP, we believe in empowering and educating our clients. We will listen to you and understand your goals prior to recommending and drafting any type of estate planning document. With us, you will receive only the recommendations that work for you and your circumstances.

For example, many of our clients come to us assuming they need a trust. While a trust can be an effective tool in an estate plan, it is not right for every situation. In all cases, we will look to your goals and circumstances and then recommend the most cost-effective and efficient estate plan options you have.

Forward-Thinking And Detailed Estate Planning Documents

Our estate planning lawyers leverage their experience and knowledge to draft wills and trusts that anticipate, and avoid, future conflicts and legal obstacles. We are meticulous and thorough in our documentation and understanding your needs.

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If you cannot travel to our office in Lake Success, New York, we are happy to make home and hospital visits throughout New York City and Nassau County.