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One of the biggest benefits to having estate planning documents in place is the peace of mind you can have from knowing that your health and finances are protected in the event you become incapacitated.

Too often, we see situations in which the vulnerable leave themselves unprotected, or loved ones forced to make decisions based on guesswork.

Through an advanced health care directive and durable power of attorney, the estate planning attorneys at Salem Shor & Saperstein, LLP, can help you thoroughly document and protect your wishes.

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It is easy to procrastinate when it comes to POAs and living wills. Unfortunately, a disabling accident can happen to anyone, at any time. Having a POA and health care directive in place prior to a serious medical condition is an important step.

Our lawyers are happy to discuss with you the benefits of powers of attorney and health care directives. We will guide you throughout the creation and execution, including discussing matters such as:

  • Who you should name as your POA, and why
  • If you need to restrict any of the legal rights that usually accompany a POA
  • What directions you should have for doctors and loved ones regarding your medical care
  • How we can best protect and preserve your finances for beneficiaries

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Our attorneys are directly involved with our clients. We are attentive and responsive, and we are able to make home visits and other accommodations if you cannot travel to our Lake Success, New York, office. Call 866-308-2816 or reach us online to schedule your initial consultation.