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Guardianships And Conservatorships

When a loved one suffers from a serious medical condition or illness, the burden often falls on loved ones to manage that person’s day-to-day tasks. From paying bills to choosing the right health care, there are a significant number of decisions that must be made.

In order to accomplish many of these tasks, a loved one often must obtain a guardianship or conservatorship. These are a court-appointed legal arrangement in which one person can make legal and financial decisions on behalf of someone who can no longer do so.

We Can Help You Plan Ahead, Or Work To Get You Immediate Rights

It is possible to plan ahead and ease the transition through a comprehensive estate plan, particularly powers of attorney. Of course, we also understand that life is busy, not everyone is an estate planning attorney and sometimes, things happen we aren’t prepared for.

Fortunately, we can help. Many of our clients come to us after realizing that in order to properly care for their aging loved one or special needs loved one, they need a proper guardianship or conservatorship.

At Salem Shor & Saperstein, LLP, in Lake Success, New York, we can walk you through the steps needed for appointing a guardian or conservator. Depending on the type of guardianship sought, we can petition either the Supreme Court or Surrogate’s Court.

If necessary, we can also represent you at hearings to determine who the guardian should be.

Need To Contest A Guardianship?

Our attorneys can also help you contest the guardianship or conservatorship of an individual who is not acting in the best interests of the vulnerable individual in question.

As experienced litigators, we know how to present your case persuasively, and we are comfortable promoting your interests in and out of Surrogate’s Court.

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