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Need In-Home Care? Community Medicaid May Be The Answer.

Most people would prefer to stay at home rather than enter a long-term care (nursing) facility. The best way to accomplish that is through proper care at home. However, paying for home care can be prohibitively expensive.

Fortunately, in New York State, the Community Medicaid program can assist to ensure that home care, even twenty-four hour home care, is attainable. However, anyone seeking assistance through this program must meet stringent eligibility requirements.

New York Community Medicaid Eligibility Requirements

The New York Community Medicaid application requires the claimant to be in need of assistance with daily living tasks. Daily living tasks can include bathing, dressing, eating and other necessary daily activities. In addition to the physical need, there are financial requirements as it relates to assets and income that must be met in order to qualify for services.

Community Medicaid is different than institutional or “chronic Medicaid,” and so has different eligibility requirements. For example, the rules against gifting and transferring assets are different than if you are seeking nursing home care.

How We Can Help

If you work with us, our experienced lawyers can explore all options for legally paring down the estate of the individual needing in-home care to qualify for Community Medicaid. For example, we can discuss whether a pooled income trust is appropriate for your situation. A pooled trust is a type of trust in which the beneficiary can still qualify for a public benefit, like Medicaid, while maintaining a supplemental income that can be used to improve quality of life.

We are conveniently located in Lake Success, New York, and represent clients in New York City, Nassau County and surrounding areas. Our attorneys are happy to make home and hospital visits for clients who cannot travel to our office.

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