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Only those with legal standing can contest a will or trust

When you write a will or create a trust, you need to understand that people still have a right to contest your documents. Fortunately, only those who have legal standing may do so. That includes people such as disadvantaged or disinherited heirs or beneficiaries. Without standing, a person can't file a lawsuit, helping prevent frivolous and expensive court dates.

Is it ever a good idea to challenge a will?

A will is a person's last chance to tell you what he or she wants to do with his or her assets and estate. Normally, it's extremely hard to challenge a will, because attorneys take the time to have witnesses present and to guarantee a person's ability to sign a legal document before allowing one to be completed.

When is it a good idea to challenge a will?

When your loved one passed away, you began to gather all the documents you knew you needed from his home. There, you found the documents in a new location; it wasn't where you'd left them when you were appointed to take care of the estate by your family member. You were surprised when you found that many of the documents were missing or not written the way you remembered.

Teen fights aunts on right to inheritance in New York

When you're growing older, it's a good idea to make sure you update your will. You may think you have time to put it off, but you never should wait. If you wait, you may pass away or be caught off guard by an illness that makes it impossible for you to finalize your will.

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